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About Us

What motivated us?

We believe that good quality Mumble voice services are actually essential for the Internet community in general. However not everybody is able to order a “paid” online Mumble voice service.

There are services ‘out there’ that offer a limited time free server but no one offers permanent free Mumble servers. The lack of permanent free servers is what inspired us to create iMumble in September 2016. Now we can offer ‘true’ permanently Free Mumble servers to the community. Permanent as in as long as you use the service it will be kept reserved for you, we reserve the right to remove abandoned accounts without warning, so be sure to login into your Mumble manager at least once every month.

Most conference/team call voice services offered on the Internet can be quite expensive and quality wise not always reliable, you are truly at the mercy of the know how of their system administrators and how they manage limited resources such as bandwidth.

To offer permanent high quality free mumble services to a growing community we rely on the support of the community at large to make this project work for everyone. We do this by accepting donations of the people that want to help out in order to pay for bandwidth, administration and lease of required servers to keep the network stable while it is growing. To keep costs at a minimum our support and sysadmin department is currently manned by volunteers. Especially Lilith has been invaluable to the creation of this unique project.

About our commitment towards quality

‘Free’ doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality, if that where the case why should we even bother to offer this service?

No ‘overcrowding’ policy, our current server creation system has been configured to not allow more servers being created once a specific server reaches a maximum capacity. This is why we ask of our users to kindly delete their servers if they do not want to use the service anymore so these precious resources become automatically available again for others that truly need it.

When you try to order and you get the message: no server slots available, we probably lack the funds to create new servers at that moment. You can wait until someone deletes an unused server or until we collect enough donations to be able to afford an extra server.

We monitor our server park 24/7 using a Nagios monitoring system.

We also offer a status page where place announcements of current system failures or updates. Don’t worry we will not update or do heavy maintenance on a server during peak hours. We will announce scheduled updates on the status page in advance.

We force the Opus compression codec to provide near 128kbps voice quality at only the fraction of the bandwidth (48kbps). For Gamers with an ‘asynchronous’ Internet connection this is ideal because the more you upload the more ‘laggy’ your Internet connection will become due to buffering in the router, same idea why you can not upload as much while gaming.

You want a specific name on your root channel or something extra like more slots?

We are open for suggestions at any time. tip: you can always bribe one of our support members with coffee, apple pie and/or cookies to perform a manual action on your behalf 😉


iMumble is a free mumble hosting project created by volunteers of Stichting Lucifer a Dutch based Foundation.

Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming, released by the The Mumble team. iMumble itself is not associated with The Mumble Team, creators of the Mumble open source software.

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