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Network Status

Network Service Status

service ok Web operational

service ok Murmur API operational

service ok Mumble Servers within network operational

service ok proxy server operational

service ok Mail support team operational

Planned maintenance or upgrades

service ok None

Other Notices

service ok None

Server Choices

service ok France ( in reality since 14th of June 2020 this server has been temporarily located in Germany)

Not available Canada – We need more donations to justify ordering a server in Canada

Not available Germany – We need more donations to justify ordering a server in Germany

Not available United Kingdom – We need more donations to justify ordering a server in United Kingdom

Past Issues

service ok 24-11-2020 17:50  CET Server FR2 has experienced some technical issues that have been fixed, server is rebooting as we speak.

service ok 15-6-2020 issues with the API after server upgrades the API crashes constantly and needs restarting we are looking into the problem. Chances are you can not use the server management page when you want to.

service ok 14-6-2020 Moved FR2 server from the French data center to a hot spare server in a German data center.

service ok 13-6-2020 latency issues on FR2, we will move all servers to hot spare in Germany.

Not available 22-1-2017 & mail servers won’t accept mail from us mail bounces. Not solved please contact your e-mail provider if you can not receive mail from after signing up.

service ok13-1-2017 After security CMS update, the manager plugin was not compatible and gave some users a blank page while visiting our site. Issue has been resolved by our programmer.




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