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Register on iMumble today and activate your free mumble server within minutes.


If you are in need of support please use the form below.


  1. Where can I download Mumble? Take a look on the download mumble page for a version that suits your operating system.
  2. What inspired you people to give a service like this? Read the about us page for more information.
  3. Where can I manage my mumble server? You can Stop, Start, Change your SuperUser password and Delete your mumble server in your server manager.
  4. You registered but you have not received an activation mail yet? Please look for it in your spam box. If it is not there you might have used an e-mail provider that blocked our mail entirely. Try to register again using another e-mail provider.
  5. When you try to order and you get the message: no server slots available, we probably lack the funds to create new servers at that moment. You can wait until someone deletes an unused server or until we collect enough donations to be able to afford an extra server. We are sorry about the inconvenience, but it is beyond our control since we depend solely on the generosity of the community at large to be able to provide these services. So if you know of anyone willing to donate let them know about us.
  6. What is my CVP url? Your CVP url can be found in your server manager.
  7. You want more user slots or another configuration done to your server that is not supported in the server manager. We are open for suggestions at any time. tip: you can always bribe one of our support members with coffee, apple pie and/or cookies to perform a manual action on your behalf 😉

Please provide your userid number, mumble host name and port number (this information can be found in your server manager you can copy and paste it in the form below)

    DO NOT send email from a Microsoft account like outlook/hotmail or hosted on the Microsoft network we will not be able to answer you! Get a real email account without an unworkable spam filter.

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