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Do you want your mumble server within one minute? Then fill out the registration form below (Only username, e-mail and password are required fields) check your e-mail box (or spam folder) to confirm your e-mail address and activate your server.
Be sure to fill in your e-mail address correctly if you fill in a wrong e-mail address will not be able to activate your account. If you didn’t receive a confirmation within 5 minutes try to register again, chances are that you filled in a wrong e-mail address. When you are in doubt feel free to contact our support team.
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Closed for new registrations, in the past two years no new donors have appeared since the operational costs keep rising we are no longer accepting new registrations.
01-04-2022 10:00 FR2 has reached full capacity unless current users delete their unused server no new servers can be created. We lack the needed donations to fund a new mumble server since 99,99% of our users are not regular donors yet. Until this changes there is not much we can do about it. However we might have a couple of server slots open for special technical projects (like raspberry pi walkie talkies). Please contact support for more information.

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